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Bryan Yaninek, Physician Loan Specialist, NMLS# 392774




Bryan Yaninek, Physician Loan Specialist
23 years of mortgage experience ranked in the top 500 originators in the country

The Doctor Loan

  • One of the easiest qualifying Dr Loans in the county
  • NO Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  • NO pre-payment penalties
  • Deferred student loans not counted in DTI and we can use income based payments (IBR)
  • 100% financing available up to $650,000 (with exception approval)
  • Higher loan amounts available with down payment
  • ACH discount of .25% off standard interest rates available when payments are made from a NPB checking or savings account
  • Can close up to 90 days prior to start date (with exception approval)

Items Needed for Loan Approval

  • Last two years of federal Tax returns and W2s ( if you worked )
  • Most recent 30 day pay stubs (if you have started your employment)
  • Copy of degree or transcripts or medical license
  • 2 Month bank statements
  • Driver’s license
  • Employment contract
  • Student loan income payment plan info or deferment info